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Tank & Bilge Cleaning

Choosing the right contractor for any project is important. When it comes to commercial tank cleaning in confined spaces that may contain atmospheres harmful to workers, you need a team of professionals.Barge tank cleaning

The Alaska Marine Cleaning tank cleaning services team has a combined 100 years of experience in the fields of fuel oil and CHT tank cleaning on land and in marine applications.Tank farm cleaning

Let Alaska Marine Cleaning’s team clean your fuel, water, CHT, lube oil tanks for inspection, hot work, or preservation needs. We will clean the mud and muck and waste product from your tanks using vacuum trucks or portable storage tanks and pumps. We will pressure wash or even hand wipe with lint free rags to achieve the level of cleanliness desired.

At Alaska Marine Cleaning, safety is our #1 priority, so when it comes to entering confined spaces for cleaning we use every precaution to protect our and your employees.

Tank interior during cleaning operations

Our policy is to ensure at least one competent person (trained by a marine chemist) is on site to monitor gasses with a calibrated multi-gas meter to ensure the safety of personnel.

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Before and after tank cleaning

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