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Hydroblasting 5k to 15k PSI

Alaska Marine Cleaning has a number of industrial hydroblasters, ranging from 5000 to 15000 psi, and flow rates to 95 gpm. With our many pieces of equipment and accessories, Alaska Marine Cleaning has the equipment to meet your industrial cleaning needs.

  • Before and after pressure washingBoiler Cleaning
  • Boiler tube Lancing
  • Condenser Tube Cleaning
  • Paint Preparation
  • Coating removal
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Hydroblasting
  • Water Jetting

Alaska Marine Cleaning will provide the level of cleanliness you need at the time you need it. Alaska Marine Cleaning also provides vacuum truck service with cradle-to-grave liquid handling. AMC can be your one-stop industrial cleaning solution. Call us today with your commercial cleaning needs: 425-317-8298. 

All machines are available for rent, operators included on 10,000 psi machines and above.

HydroblastingPressure washing on scaffolding


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