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Equipment Rentals

Tank and trailer for rentAlaska Marine Cleaning has the necessary tools and equipment to meet all your liquid storage needs.

500- to 6,000-gallon poly tanks

Alaska Marine Cleaning can provide liquid storage capacity up to 6,000 gallons per container in portable, UV-stabilized cross-link and linear polyethylene tanks. These tanks are mobile when empty and, when used in conjunction with secondary containment, provide an environmentally safe and secure way of storing any polyethylene-compatible material.

When lay-down is a concern, but 110% secondary containment is a must, Alaska Marine Cleaning provides double-walled, 4,500-gallon portable, UV-stabilized, cross-link polyethylene storage tanks — great for environmentally sensitive areas. All polyethylene tanks have molded pad eyes for easy lifting. No matter where your work area is, from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier to the side of a freeway, Alaska Marine Cleaning has the liquid storage system to meet your needs.

Poly tanks and tilt-up delivery trailer

Secondary containment 

When hazardous materials or waste needs to be stored in close proximity to environmentally sensitive areas, the reliability of your secondary containment should be considered.

With sectioned, inter-locking side walls and up to 40-mil EPDM liners, Alaska Marine Cleaning can build a reliable secondary containment of various sizes. Giving our customers the flexibility to expand or reduce the size of the containment area quickly and easily will maximize usable space on the job site.

Sediment and oil/water separation tanks

Alaska Marine Cleaning can also provide frac tanks, sediment separation tanks, and oil/water separation (weir) tanks of various sizes.

Sediment separation tankSediment separation commencingSediment tank on job site

Frac tanks


Large filter assembly

Multiple inline filter assembliesRack-mounted filter assemblyMultiple inline filter assemblies

To learn more about our equipment rental services and other services we offer, please browse our website or CALL US today so we can help you with your industrial cleaning needs.

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